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Take it from Us!

If you have some space in your garden, or a plot of land then you are sitting on a potential goldmine!


For around £36,000 you could purchase a luxury Shepherds Hut crafted by us that would feature; a comfortable bed and living area, handmade fully equipped mini kitchen, cosy wood burning stove and a WC with shower enclosure.

At the time of writing, you could achieve £90 - £200 a night depending on season, location and demand.

Based on the lowest nightly rate of £90, If you were to let the hut out for 200 nights you would generate £18,000 of revenue. In around two years your Hut could easily pay for itself and start earning you profit based on just the moderate end of the scale.... Not many investments will offer that sort of a return!

Our superlative huts are finished to the highest standard, providing your customers with the most luxurious glamping experience, allowing you to acheive maximum potential.

Not only will your hut earn you an income throughout it's life but would be a tangible asset to resell at a later date and if you look after your hut, it will look after you.

We have cutomers based all over the Highlands and beyond running successful glamping business, so the proof is in the pudding!

Hobbit at Curlew's
South clunes hut
Interior off grid loo
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