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Highlan​d Cosy Cabins

Shepherds Huts Built to Last A Lifetime

For all Reasons & all Seasons


Builders of bespoke Shepherds Huts on vintage cast iron wheels, small Cabins and Glamping pods. 

Based on the Black Isle, in the Highlands of Scotland. 

Delivered anywhere in the UK.

Handcrafted in the Highlands of Scotland.​​

Alt="Cromarty Shepherds Hut"
Alt="Cromarty Shepherds Hut"
Alt="Cromarty Shepherds Hut"
Alt="Cromarty Shepherds Hut"
Alt="Highland Cosy Cabins"
Alt="Cromarty Shepherds Hut"
Alt="Cromarty Shepherds Hut"
Alt="Cromarty Shepherds Hut"

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Traditionally a Shepherds Hut was used during lambing season as a shelter from the elements. The shepherd could keep a close eye on his flock from the hut which provided him with the basic essentials. A place to cook, dine, and stay warm, grab a cuppa and lay his head down. 

We aim to provide quality, bespoke, hand crafted huts and cabins on vintage cast iron wheels for use all year round. Inspired by the tradition, built using modern techniques and materials.

For all reasons... 

 Shepherds Huts have many uses today.

Our Huts can be used as a home office, artist/craft studio, yoga space, fishing cabin, hunting lodge, children's playroom or as an extra room to provide full accommodation for visiting relatives, returning students, or paying guests. Whatever you're after we can create the ultimate hut for you. 

... & all seasons.

In the Highlands we are exposed to some of the harshest weather conditions in the country, and as such careful consideration has been taken to ensure our huts are completely protected from all the elements. So ditch the summer house for something that can be enjoyed all year round!

Perfect to add to your garden, farm or woodland, with generally no planning permission needed.


With there being so much to see and do in the Highlands, its no surprise that more and more tourists are choosing to visit this wonderful part of the country. There's no better time to capitalize on the increasing number of people visiting by adding a luxury glamping Hut to your existing accommodation, or start a new venture to generate extra income.

Could you be running a small business from one of our charming shepherds huts?

Imagine running your small café or bakery, catering van, jewellery or craft studio, bookstore,

salon or dog grooming service from one of our Shepherd Huts.

Conducting your business from a Highland Cosy Cabin could prove a valuable asset, and get your customers talking.

Our huts are fully bespoke. 

Built to order, every part lovingly hand crafted to an exemplary finish, with no two huts the same! 

Got an idea of your perfect hut? We can build it.

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Whether you're after a simple reading room for your garden, or self contained accommodation for use as an extra income, you can be sure our huts are built to handle the Highlands!

Our Products and Services

This is just a small sample of what our business offers

The Saffron Shepherds Hut

The exterior of this beautiful hut is finished in our signature distressed paint work* in plum and grey, also features a dark grey fiberglass roof and reclaimed cast iron wheels. With handmade windows and door, fully double glazed.

*Other options are available for exterior finish


Why have a plain and boring Shepherds hut?

The Living space of the Saffron Hut includes a small kitchen area with versatile, movable breakfast bar console which can be used for dining as well as extra work surface. 

Including underfloor heating, you can be assured that winter chills are kept at bay. With walnut finish flooring, this cosy cabin keeps it's temperature thanks to superb insulation of floor, walls and ceiling.

Product or Service 2

This pedestal was skillfully hand crafted from Douglas fir heartwood. It is a totally unique one off piece, the perfect stand for the wee basin in the bathroom of this Shepherds Hut.

Product or Service 2

Our latest hut is wonderfully warm and inviting. Designed to get the most out of a small living space, this sofa pulls out into a comfortable double bed and still has plenty of storage underneath. Perfect for maximizing interior floor space during the waking hours.

The Cromarty Shep​herds Hut

The Cromarty Shepherds Hut is greatly influenced by the coast. Considering we look out toward the Cromarty Firth, the Moray and North Sea, this is no surprise. 

We use the best materials, home grown when possible, to craft our luxury huts and cabins. Made to order and fully bespoke to your requirements.


The Cromarty Hut boasts a built in double bed for a comfy nights sleep.

A small, well equipped kitchen with small microwave convection oven, fridge, 2 hob gas burner, sink, plenty of storage and lift up breakfast bar/prep area.

A Bijou bathroom with compost toilet, basin and shower.

Plenty of under bed and over head storage.

Product or Service 4

 Solid Oak flooring and worktop add a touch of warmth, whilst the fisherman's lamps and interior colours keep the connection with the Highland coastline. 

The vertical, designer radiator its guaranteed to keep you warm during the colder months, whilst saving space and looking great.

A Simple Shepherds Hut

This Shepherds Hut was created for use as an extra room and studio space. A wiser alternative to the loft conversion originally considered by our client. 

Our stylish huts are built to last a lifetime, something that can be passed on through the generations. Additionally, if you chose to move home, your hut moves with you.


Product or Service 2

The wonderful use of glass in this simple hut creates a light and airy interior, whilst also capitalising on the gorgeous vistas we enjoy here in the Highlands.

What better way to spend a romantic evening than curling up on an arm chair inside your own Shepherds Hut, wood burner crackling, overlooking the stunning countryside? 

The average cost of adding an extension to your home is around £40,000

you will need planning permission and there will be mess as the building works commence.

For a fraction of the cost, with no planning, mess, or stress you could add one of our beautiful Shepherd Huts to your garden.

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